Group Psychotherapy

Group Psychotherapy

For over 50 years, group psychotherapy has been a widely used, specialized form of therapy in which a small group of individuals meet together to learn more about themselves and improve their interpersonal relationships under the guidance of a professionally trained clinical therapist. Here at Universal Therapeutic Services, LLC, our specialized teams of group psychotherapists are professionally trained in many areas and can help you understand the benefits of each treatment option and determine which course is right for you.

The Many Benefits of Group Psychotherapy

Meeting with a group of strangers may sound intimidating at first glance, but psychologists say, in fact, group participants are almost always amazed by how rewarding a group experience can be. One reason is the diversity of individuals who make up the group, and what each individual brings to the table. With the common bond of the group bringing people together from different walks of life, personalities, backgrounds and with different perspectives, the same situation can be viewed in different ways. By listening to how other individuals handle their problems and situations, this act alone allows you to discover a wide variety of strategies for tackling your own problems and concerns along with the realization you’re not alone in difficult times. It’s most helpful to attend both group and individual therapy. Group participants can then talk privately about what came up for them in the group.

Groups provide support. Hearing the experience from others with similar difficulties helps one see they’re not alone in facing issues, giving a sense of relief.

Groups act as a sounding board. Group members help come up with specific ideas for improving a life challenge or difficult situation.

Groups can launch you forward. Hearing the success from other group members drive other individuals to often push themselves harder.

Groups teach you about yourself. Groups are made up of diverse people sharing a common bond, opening a wide network of solutions.

Groups promote social skills. Groups are a great opportunity and place to find your voice and practice engaging with other people.

Changing the World, One Life at a Time, One Day at a Time

Research shows that regularly talking and listening to others who are going through similar situations helps put your own problems into perspective. It is a relief to hear what others are going through and being able to openly discuss it, and you realize you’re not alone in dealing with the challenges that life puts in front of all of us. A major goal of group psychotherapy is helping individuals who are struggling with difficulties and transcend the mental health struggles that accompany life challenges through experiencing a common bond with others fighting through the same hardships. The experts in charge of group guidance here at Universal Therapeutic Services, LLC can help you and your group maximize all the benefits a group therapy experience has to offer.

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