Grief and Trauma Therapy

Grief and Trauma Focused Therapy

Traumatic life events can be overwhelming and devastating. In most cases, after the shock and numbness wear off, the grieving process follows. An individual’s life may change in many ways due to the grieving and mourning process brought on by a traumatic event. When a traumatic life event remains in the psyche causing long term distress and other life changing behaviors, an individual may be suffering from what is known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). In the case of a traumatic life changing event, the professionally trained trauma counselors here at Universal Therapeutic Services, LLC are equipped to put individuals on the road to recovery. The treatment modalities for grief and/or trauma are based on individual needs and are considered separate treatable conditions.

Every Little Victory Counts!

Universal Therapeutic Services, LLC grief and trauma focused therapy programs are designed for individuals who have experienced a traumatic life event such as domestic violence, serious accidents, traumatic and sudden loss, natural/man-made disasters, witnessing a traumatic event, etc. Part of life’s journey sometimes includes a traumatic life changing event and that event can have a real impact on an individual’s physical, emotional, behavioral and spiritual well-being. The professionals at Universal Therapeutic Services, LLC have the tools to help individuals navigate through the maze that grief and trauma can create.

Grief and Trauma Focused Therapy That Works

Bad memories and negative feelings of the traumatic event can come back at any time causing an individual to feel the same fear and horror that was experienced from when the actual event took place. These memories may feel like you're going through the event again. Sometimes there is a trigger such as a sight or sound that causes you to relive the event.

Symptoms may also include avoiding situations that remind an individual of the event. They may try to avoid people, places or situations that trigger memories of the traumatic event. Some people try and keep busy or avoid seeking help to keep from having to talk about and relive the memories. For instance, a person was in an automobile accident may avoid watching shows or movies in which there are auto accidents. The experienced staff at Universal Therapeutic Services, LLC are committed to providing the absolute best care in serving all people, from every walk of life.

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